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Cytoburn is a naturally-derived protein that works to activate your body’s immune cells. This means that it can help your body fight off any illness, virus or infection that may try to invade your body

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I couldn’t wear any dresses I loved, and once felt sexy and confident in. I was 76 pounds overweight and my doctor classified me as morbidly obese, it was a reality check that I couldn’t handle anymore. I came across your video and looked at all of the studies you provided and decided. To order 6 bottles of Cytoburn . It was the best decision I’ve ever made! After just 2 months I can now fit into all of my dresses and have lost 81 pounds!

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Losing 8 pant sizes was incredible for me and I can’t imagine not taking Cytoburn, it’s been a life changer for me. My friends, family and coworkers have all noticed the changes. And instead of criticizing me, they are now asking me for advice. My depression was out of control and all I wanted to was watch Netflix and binge on takeout. Many times each day I thought to myself, «What if I had a heart attack. And left my wife and the kids alone, fatherless and husbandless». That was a horrible feeling to have..

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I was a little skeptical, but got the 6-bottle deal because it was too amazing of a deal and with your 60-day money back guarantee I had to give it a try at least. I was so excited when I first took Cytoburn, within the first 72 hours I lost 5 pounds and 3 weeks later I've lost 27 pounds! Thank you so much James !

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I was always scared of my blood pressure going into the ‘danger zone.’ I had trouble getting out of bed in the morning due to immense back pain. After watching your presentation, I decided to get the 6-bottle package of Cytoburn. I started to lose weight right away and lost 59 lbs. and 7 pant sizes.

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What is Cytoburn

What is Cytoburn

Cytoburn is a dietary supplement that is designed to treat the root cause of weight gain and accelerate metabolism effectively. It comes in the form of simple capsules that are easy to swallow and digest. Each bottle of Cytoburn weight loss supplement is manufactured here in the United States alongside the strict practice of hygiene standards.

Each of the components in the Cytoburn fat-burning formula is scientifically proven to support healthy weight loss. Suitable for adults of any age, the supplement provides essential nutrients to the body that can effectively promote effective fat burn.

Why Choose Cytoburn

made in USA Cytoburn
Made In The USA
cytoburn is manufactured
on US soil.
100% natural Cytoburn
100% All Natural
All ingredients are pure, natural, and carefully sourced.
Fda Approved Cytoburn
FDA Approved Facility
cytoburn is manufactured according to the latest standards.

How does Cytoburn work

Cytoburn is the only weight loss formula designed to address the root cause of the weight gain issues. Dormant Cytokines are the cause of all weight issues. Scientific studies show that people who are healthy weight have more active cytokines. Cytokines are special small proteins that are crucial in controlling the growth and activity of the immune cells and blood cells. These particular immune system cytokines are called TSLP. A lack of active cytokines causes the body to have a speed limit for losing weight. Hence, it is necessary to activate the Dormant cytokines to trigger the fat loss process.

When Cytoburn capsules enter the system, the potent ingredients in this formulation start to activate those dormant cytokines. These activated cytokines signal the immune system to release the lipids through the skin oil- oil-producing sebaceous glands. And this supplement uses the technic of fat loss that involves secreting the calories from the skin in the form of energy-rich sebum. Once the DC is fixed, people will notice the massive weight changes. Consume this capsule for the long term, and increase the active cytokines that aid in lowering fat loss. It also provides other benefits like suppressing appetite and hunger, boosting immunity, lowering blood pressure, etc.

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Cytoburn Dosage

Taking the 2 pills every day in your daily routine will effectively reduce weight.

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Cytoburn Benefits

  • Increase Energy Levels Cytoburn has ingredients that speed the metabolism and hence heighten the energy levels. Thus, it can boost performance and alleviate fatigue. In addition, it can help you stay focused on accomplishing specific tasks.
  • Improve Digestion Cytoburn promises to enhance the gastrointestinal tract, thus improving the digestion and absorption of nutrients. A better digestive system allows you to utilize nutrients optimally, boosting your overall health.
  • Support Immunity Cytoburn can supposedly enhance your immune response. A poor immunity slows the metabolism and increases toxic levels in the system leading to weight gain.
  • Manage Stress and Anxiety It is almost impossible to avoid situational stress. However, you can use various strategies to manage stress. Cytoburn purportedly comprises ingredients that can calm the nerves and alleviate stress. Fighting stress by consuming foods can lead to weight gain. Thus, by relieving stress, it becomes easy to manage to overeat.
  • Support Cognitive Functions Cytoburn can supposedly improve brain health and cognition. It becomes easy to manage hunger and stress with better focus, concentration, and focus to boost performance.
  • Balance Hormones Cytoburn comprises cytokines to balance hormones, thus supporting biochemical reactions. Most women fail to shed baby fat because of hormonal imbalance—Cytoburn may balance multiple hormones, including thyroid and sex hormones, facilitating weight loss.
  • Alleviate Overeating According to experts, most people struggling with weight issues have trouble managing cravings. Stress and uncontrolled hunger hormones are the major causes of overeating. When your system has extra calories, it automatically stores the excess sugar under the skin as fat leading to weight gain. Thus by reducing eating times, you can create a calorific deficit, thus supporting weight loss. 

Cytoburn Ingredients


Psyllium husk :

Psyllium husk has several benefits, mainly supporting digestion and heart health. However, since psyllium husk absorbs liquids in your body, it can make you feel fuller for a more extended period of time, reducing your caloric intake.

Bentonite clay:

Bentonite clay purportedly helps to eliminate toxins from the body, can support healthy cholesterol levels, improve skin health, and eliminate digestive issues. In some studies, it has been shown to support weight loss, although the mechanism isn’t precisely known; however, a post by Medical News Today, a study using rats found that ingesting a montmorillonite clay product helped reduce weight gain among those eating a high-fat diet. 

Black walnut:

Black walnut extract is rich in antioxidants, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and other health-promoting compounds. It is also said to support healthy blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and eliminate plaque from your arteries. Black walnut is also said to reduce appetite by making you feel fuller for a more extended time.

Oat bran extract:

Like black walnut, oat bran extract is rich in polyphenol compounds and antioxidants. Oat bran is associated with reduced heart disease risk factors, better blood sugar control, enhanced digestion, and may limit the risk for certain cancers. Some studies suggest oat bran can help you eliminate fat as well. 


Flaxseed is a rich source of fiber, proven to reduce appetite by making you feel fuller for longer. Flaxseed may also relieve constipation and diarrhea by improving your overall digestive health. 

Prune fruit:

Like many of the other ingredients in Cytoburn, prune fruit helps with digestion, is high in essential vitamins and minerals, lowers blood pressure & cholesterol levels, and may build bones and muscles.

Aloe Vera leaf:

Aloe Vera leaf helps to reduce constipation, may lower blood sugar levels, reduce dental plaque, accelerate wound healing, and supports overall health and wellness. 

L. acidophilus:

l acidophilus is a probiotic bacteria that supports gut health, immunity, and overall health. It may also help promote the production of proteins and enzymes that control metabolic function. 

Apple pectin fruit:

Apple pectin is a soluble fiber that works to reduce appetite. It also may reduce constipation, supports blood sugar control, may strengthen hair and skin, and may promote gut health. In one study, apple pectin helped overweight adults reduce their caloric intake compared to a placebo.


Much like psyllium husk, glucomannan absorbs water to form a bulky fiber, which helps reduce your appetite. It also might slow the absorption of sugar and cholesterol in the gut, lowering cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels in those with diabetes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions Cytoburn

Most of the users are found to have attained the best results of Cytoburn capsules after regular use of 2-3 months.

Cytoburn fat-burning natural supplement is sold via a one-time payment only.

It is advised to consult your healthcare professional before starting Cytoburn if you are already under meds or have any underlying health issues.

Adults of any age except pregnant and lactating women can use Cytoburn diet pills.

For orders within the US, it will take 5 to 7 business days. For international orders, it will take up to 14 days.

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